Innisfree – New Skincare Come to Life


Since the Innisfree came to my life, this product is the one of most Korean Women and Men used as a skincare. The technology from the skincare expert in Korea can be the same compare to the skincare from Japan. Having try to mix both Japan product SK-II and Innisfree can get the tremendous result. My skin look so good when the Pitera and the power of Innisfree skincare can be mix. Since I’m an asian people this be an advantages, sometimes go to SPA with limited time can cause much money to be spend, mostly during consultation. The Xmas is near, Innisfree also have some promotion, so I decided to buy the Green Tea Series of Seed Serum. Keep trying to mix with SK-II Pitera set, I used Pitera set in the morning and the Innisfree set at the night, the mix also can be done both day and night, need more time to do the process of skin care. My mum also mix her skincare SK-II with L’oreal and her also getting the tremendous result after use. I not recommended to the viewer, but you need to take risk on your skin before try, consult the skin expert before used. The Innisfree promotion last on 31 December 2015

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