Nexus, Bangsar South at Night


I still playing with New Sony A6000 camera, but the new Bionz X image engine need some modification on its setting, since I’m using previous Sony camera embedded with Bionz image engine, the black part in the photo not be to black that produce by the Bionz X image engine. I have used the same setting from Sony NEX F3 to the A6000 seem not to good cause by the image engine both camera is different, so the A6000 need some modification on the setting. As my opinion, the original Bionz is better than new Bionz X which the previous image engine not to have extra ability to control the photo quality and its left the actual view of the real image at the LCD display. Seem Sony have a good and the best image CMOS sensor using at low light, both camera well best develop with the such engineering. Only to be the best, need advance setting and that why the best camera always came in different setting even the model and name are same. (likely human are same, but the mindset is different..same to the camera).Need more time to study photo and moment in low light, mostly at night.

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