Beyond Veggie by Secret Recipe, Nexus, Bangsar South


When you came to this Beyond Veggie Restaurant you can imagine the world without a meat, Nooo MEATTTT….no Meat at all. Ohh..No..all only vegetable made food event the satay look like a meat at the stick, but its not a meat, its made from eggplant… hahaha…so creative. I have ordered some fried rice with satay and the satay is an eggplant…hahaha…I feel die, I need a meat like chicken or beef inside my fried rice, but I only get vegetables…..Its take time to finish all the rice. My cousin serving a Tom Yam, also no seafood, just vegetable… dietary food and can make your life so healthier in future….absolutely sure 100%. (after eat at Beyond Veggie, later its be the last choice to eat, better find other…hehe)

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