Sony Store KLCC – PS4 New Faceplate


Stop at Sony Store KLCC is a must for me to visit, the store is very good to take photo inside which I’m a Sony fanatics, the store giving such a good privilege for me to take all their gadget inside the store. This time I will look to the new faceplate of Sony Playstation 4 which come in color of gold, purple, pink and green. Each of the PS4 faceplate cost at RM 99 and easy installation can be done individually by the PS4 owner. I really like the gold faceplate, but my PS4 is white Glacier color and not suitable to change it. When I’m thinking, better I keep the original white color rather than change with cost of RM 99, better buy some new games or other. The remaining product also view like the new PS Vita, new price and specification and the new Sony Xperia Z5 mobile phone, so awesome screen display. When I come to the camera section, the full frame always be a dream. Hope somebody can give me free the A7RII with SEL70200 F2.8 Lens or it’s just a dream…pity me

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