Panasonic Nano Facial Steamer


Since I already take care of my face skin, why not I invest a few gadget for a good reason to get the maximum protection from blackhead and whitehead. This Panasonic Nano Facial Steamer price   is at RM 529 retail, but luckily I always keep browsing the internet for a best price, I get the discounted price at RM 399. This product sell by Best Denki store around Malaysia. Remember, not all store have this special price, I just luckily get this when I phone one of the Store in PJ, and the promoter said its a last item sell for this holiday, better grasp hurry. Panasonic mostly have experience developing their electronic devices for domestic, but for facial and beauty, this is magical, they seem have invest so much money for human skincare and protection. This steamer have a nano particle water to absorb in the skin surface for 6 minutes (normal skin) and 3 minutes (sensitive skin). After use, need to cleanse with cleanser foam which the pore is still open and the sebum can be eliminate from the skin. For better result use with facial mask and rise your face regularly.

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