Mitsui Premium Outlets Park, KLIA, Sepang


After the family day finish at 2.00pm at Hotel Sri Malaysia, I have return to home with my officemate, but in the middle of the journey we decided to visit the new outlets nearby KLIA airports which the outlets kinda same like Johor Premium Outlet in Johor (JPO). This outlets is called as Mitsui Premium Outlets Park, major of the outlets is origin from Japan, mainly from Japan which not many from the foreign company from the west is offer to do their business at this place. Since the outlets selling very cheap of the premium product, the consumer must aware of the expiry of the product buy must be at the good choice. Likely at Sasa and others outlets, they selling the outdated product that can be used not more than 5 to 6 month before expired.So be careful when purchasing item at this outlets.

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