Cure – Natural Aqua Gel


Cure – Natural Aqua Gel is the number 1 skin peeling product in Japan. This gel is totally made using water and need to be used twice a week to have a clean and clear skin. As the cleanser used to cleanse the skin face but not 100% the dead skin has been remove, so this Cure Natural Aqua Gel is used to finalise the cleansing of the dead skin. Just apply 2 pumps of the gel and apply to the clean skin and scrub all over the T and U line on the face. If lots of dead skin, your hand can feel the dead sel peeling out from the gel, later wash your face and experience the smooth and shining skin ever. Price at RM 125 at any SASA Cosmetic Store nearby Kuala Lumpur. Not available online but only have at SASA

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