High Contrast Black & White


This photo is taken by the Sony A6000 using the lens kits of SEL1855 (from the lens of Sony NEX F3), setting at Auto+ with some effect of High Contrast Black & White setting to test the capability of the new Bionz-X processor inside. The True-black dark across the photo show the capability of the APS-C sensor to react with the Bionz-X processor. Seem the Sony NEX F3 using the 1st Edition Bionz processor is likely to the foundation of Bionz-X development. Capability of huge image from 20.4 to 46.2 Megapixel (in Sony A7R II) can be used by the Bionz-X to determine the per pixel of low light through the kits lens, no wonder the Zeiss lens is much better with F-stop below than F2.8 an as below F1.4. Higher high dynamic range (HDR) more powerful the photo. mostly angle of photo is more important to capture the moment.

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