SK-II Festive Edition Sale Day 2


Once again went to the SK-II booth to buy more SK-II product for other peoples that interested to the power of the essence, since I try to convince people with the advantage of the cosmetic through consultation and video at Youtube, they are more likely to have an actual person that need to be touch of her/his skin to prove the power of the essence. Meanwhile, the booth have a lots of beautiful promoter that can be used to benchmark the quality. The actual skin when using SK-II product looks more healthier, younger, smooth with the moister inside the skin that maintain the cell to be more steady. Consumer can come and test all the SK-II product including the most expensive SK-II LXP product that sell at RM 2,249 per set. LXP is the most concentrated Pitera on its class and become the premium product from SK-II.

The video I recorded for the Festive Edition Package.

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