SK-II Festive Edition 2015 – Set of Color, Iconic & More


The promotion came again this year with more discount and free gift. The photo show the SK-II product at a price of RM 2500+ before discount and become RM 1420 after discount. The set including the Iconic Set at RM 620, Colour Set at RM 187 each with free Cosmetic and Travel Bag. Free more bag for the non-member that need to register to SK-II membership. The Iconic set come with Facial Treatment Essence at 230ml (extra 15ml for the promotion) with Limited Edition Bottle of Red Butterfly with free of Facial Treatment Clear Lotion (215ml). Both pack inside a beautiful festive red box with magnetic clips. The Colour Set come with CC Cream, Lipstick, Mask and Facial Treatment Cleanser with beg Cosmetic Bag. The butterfly paper bag also free with flower by Happy Bunch Flower shop.

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