The New Sony Alpha A6000 Silver with SELP1650 Lens


Maybe I’m too lucky everytime I go somewhere in my country, I feel so good and thanks many many to God for the chance to be lucky. In the next after Bingsu day, next a few day after, I went to Digital Mall so observe something that will be happen at the exhibition on 9 to 11 October 2015 at Mid Valley. So I bravely asked the shop that selling a Sony Camera A6000 at latest price, they suggest to take and come with some free stuff, a lots, later on when he calculated seem higher from my expectation and the bag also not what I want. so I regret to buy. The time running mostly at 9.15pm, other shopper already to prepare to close. Oh my please…. I try to pray and at the end of the escalator was a nice guy asked me, need something? yeah, but I wanna this and this and this, can you show me.. sure, he said. He take the camera with kit lens + sony bag + 16 Gb memory + 2 battery + screen protector + anything I want he gave all, so happy then he calculated.. tetetetete…ok last price RM I asked again, I wanna Silver, he said…lucky you, its Silver…yeahhh….

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