Starbucks Caramel Latte & Chicken Bun


Chill out with my cousin at Starbucks Jaya was good, seem my cousin have a lots of problem with his work, he always positive to talk about the problem and try to solve it by drinking the coffee/ latte. Starbucks that day offer a limited edition beverage as Caramel Latte and I would like to eat the unlucky chicken bun, why unlucky? Every time I come the bun always not available at night, so that days I was lucky to have and the promoter seem save it for me, maybe they alert of customer interest, mostly they know me better…hahaha…. By the way thank you so much and I very like how they made the beverage, not to sweet at all. Maybe other Starbucks store need to learn from them, mostly at Sunway Pyramid store and The Curve near Tesco, taste so bad..

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