Volkswagen Miniature Bus


What a coupon? You will get free coupon when buy a cosmetic product at Parkson, each RM 100 spend getting RM 10 coupon, lasting for a month….shopaholic thinking, do I need this coupon?Hahaha…..that good lets find something to buy….It just a paper, can buy anything… So what to buy?.. Thinking and look at the rack, toys rack…and find this Volkswagen Miniature Bus at the Price of RM 29.90, then see the big sheet of paper above said “20% discount”…counting the price at RM 23.60 after reduce, on hand have RM 20 coupon, so take the van and go to the counter, add RM 3.60 and finally I have the Volkswagen…… Yahoooo…. I hope my auntie will asked again about cosmetic and I willing to buy….

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