Giant Tiger Orchids


This orchids takes me 15 years to have the flower, I have grow this flower since year 2000 at my old house in Segamat, later I and my mother replace the pot with the new pot in year 2004, but we also need to wait the orchids to grow big, this tiger orchids need to be place in the area with suitable sunlight and humidity, if not the orchids will die in some of careless mistake by the owner. As I know each of the orchids need to be place only one area, no need to remove the pot every time, the air flow to the root will cause the orchids unstable to get the nutrients. So then, I have decide to put near the fish pond at the side of the house. In the meantime, my mother has put the fertilizer from year 2005 until now. The orchids seem healthy this year and at last its grow the flower with 2 metre long of his branch with 20 piece of orchids flower. Awesome and bring prosperity to our family.

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