Olay Regenerist Brush


Why buy the expensive brush for your face? need consultation form expert? Your need moving circular brush or a vibration type face cleaning machine? Its might be a decision when buy face brush for advanced system, its depend on your skin sensitivity and massage technique for your face, something the brush can damage your face skin and sometimes not. Olay Regenerist was the cheaper ever brush system for the face treatment, price at RM 119, nearly cost of 20 pound (looks so cheap if buy in London). This product used the motorize circular brush to clean and water resistance, use removeable battery (need to change if the power out) and need replaceable, better use re-chargeable battery for long use, got 2 speed setting and one power button, the brush can be remove every 3 month and the brush spare cost at RM 29.90 ( 2 brushes – very economical brushes). This box also come with free cleanser.

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