Subaru Promotion 2016

New Car for 2016 #subaru #promotion #midvalley #newcar #malaysia #kualalumpur #awesome

Posted by eSTaMYSite Photobook on Ahad, 24 Julai 2016

Its already 2018, might be this car already outdated for the Subaru, but might be somebody will like this model since is good or comfortable for driving in town and elsewhere. Even the promoter getting some promotion discount, the time to buy might be not so good or the chinese said not the good time to have. Must refer to the configuration, insurance, payment , commitment and other aspect for the car, not just buy and pay for the remaining years up to 9 years with the interest excluded with the petrol usage and so on. So, think first before buy a new car, might be its just desire and not being important, think that there are other option that we can buy later….but we can’t judge people, others people that have extra money, they can buy..who cares

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