Yoshinoya Hanamaru Mid Valley

Delicious Beef Udon #yshinoya #midvalley #kualalumpur #malaysia #udon #greentea #awesome #japan #japanesefood #foodporn

Posted by eSTaMYSite Photobook on Ahad, 24 Julai 2016

Really miss the Udon Noodle at Yoshinoya Hanamaru in Mid Valley, quitely expensive for the regular size better go for the large size just adding a few ringgit to the dish. The soup seem so very hot and the smell being so good. Addition tempura or karangee likely must be a must to be taken into the soup. even the chili paste look like sambal belacan, its consist of chicken inside it and the hot and spicy is awesome. The green tea needed to be more than one cup, at least 6 or 7 cup….so hot ma….

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