YES 4G LTE Broadband

Since our parent home far from Kuala Lumpur and live in Segamat, but not at the town, else somewhere just far nearby which the facility not quite good at all, mainly for the communication using copper wire. Otherwise, we need to use capped quota of broadband internet with no choice at all. Since then, we are quite lucky to have across the region that near to school communication facility that support 4G LTE connection. By then, we need a device that can connect to the service, YES 4G is the one company support that right now with renting a wireless broadband at price of RM 78 for 30 GB of data. The speed can run mostly at 25 MBPS download and 10 MBPS for upload. We need to sign a contract for a year and can terminate after 12 month of usage, right now seem the usage population at our place is very minimum, the full speed data can be achieve maximally.

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