Secret Recipe PJ Old Town – Iftar

Almost a month I never touch this website for update but I still take picture until yesterday at any event or place nearby Kuala Lumpur, getting lazy to update because lots of the photo need to be prepare, since I’m busy with office work and education area seem very complicated. Never-mind lets its gone away for this time, for sure I’m gonna to write something today.

As you see from the photo a fried rice from Secret Recipe PJ Old Town nearby my home is really good to have for dinner or lunch. I really love where the rice is come with 3 sticks of chicken satay and the others as vegetables as decoration but you can eat for good health. The chocolate Ice blended also being my favorite everytime come to Secret Recipe and I hope one day Secret Recipe will welcome me to give some free treat at their store as a compliment to their food and Cakes… love their Black Forest both normal and cheese cake….love so much….even expensive….

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