Bath & Body Works Scented Candle Promotion


As I know only Yankee Candle is popular for the scented candle but its only what people say about it. Later, when you getting to enter such a colorful shop that just launch in only at Nu Sentral Mall, they have a variety of scented candle at the price likely same to Yankee candle, mostly bigger in jar and so on. What the Bath & Body Works done is they creating not to big candle for used at home. Shocked, they also have made a better quality than Yankee Candle at 1st smell, magically they have more than 100 types of scented candle in the store, likely a gallery of some kind of passion of love. The price of the candle is bestly on the promotion that jump from hundreds of money to a few for the people to use, they made it in a small glass jar and have twinkle when the candle is on flame, the wick also very quality and the scent is very powerful at all, good used in kitchen, living room and bedroom.

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