MINISO Sonic Facial


MINISO or Clarisonic Facial is better, I think both is better, the vibration on the brush seem like the same but the large different of this 2 product is the material and the huge price different. The MINISO just price below RM 100, actually at RM 70 at MINISO NU Sentral Mall but the Clarisonic is mostly cheap at RM 500+ and above even the brush also more than RM 90 per brush. What an insane brush ever since there already an alternative to the facial cleaner. This MINISO Sonic Facial also is free with extra brush head for spare part if the 1st brush damage due to long usage. SO better test out the brush before buy the expensive once. If you don’t care about money, just buy the Clarisonic because the review about the brush is quite positive from many users.

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