Midori Secret Energy,Hair Depot


Having problem of hair every time using a wrong shampoo and conditioner for my head. I have try many of a popular shampoo advertise in TV but some of them not long lasting for dandruff and itchy scalp for a long period and heal the skin head. So I heading to the professional hair and skin head consultant at hair depot and they suggest a few type of base free chemical shampoo and conditioner to be used. The price quietly higher for economical use, but for the treatment result was awesome. The ingredient for the soothing and mask shampoo made using cooling ingredients. The brands of Midori really can help you with hair problem, but for the white hair, this kind of shampoo can’t do nothing, you need to put some color on your hair for eliminate the with hair that show your ages that being old and which women hate so much…hahaha… each of the shampoo costly more than RM 100+ and above, but I suggest you to wait until promotion, mainly xmas and new year sales, during this period there are so many price cut and free gift or purchase with purchase promotion.

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