Panasonic Shaver & Nose Hair Cutter For Men


This Panasonic Shaver has a free of nose hair cutter at a price of RM 169, promotion by Best Denki in April 2016. In previous year the shaver was at RM 289 without the nose cutter and really expensive to buy. Since Panasonic already creating new Shaver for 2016, this version of shaver likely to be the legacy and people still use for everyday shaver. This devices also have re-chargeable battery function, just plug in and charge, and ready to go. Meanwhile, can be used in the bathroom and its water capable devices, you can wash it whole body and dry it after and the battery is long lasting for heavy duty used. The nose hair cutter need a single AA battery, if you have a long nose hair, watch out, it will feel hurt sometimes, but after cutting its look so good and clean..its also can be washable after used.

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