Boryeong Mud Korea, NU Sentral Mall


When walking across the Nu Sentral Mall in Kuala Lumpur, mostly at Bangsar area, very surprise meet this store called Boryeong Mud Korea. What in my mind is the “Mud”. Knowingly the mud is the material which can be used to treat skin problem including acne and so on. What special about Boryeong? So kinda asked the promoter which they said this mud is the same mud in Korea for the mud festival, exactly the same. The mud came in various type of product including soap, lotion, cream, mask and so on. Not being cheap as you think, some of them starting from RM 60+ to RM 300+ including of the premium mud item. So expensive to be, some of the item need to be a long usage, for month and need to calculate your budget ever. The special about Boryeong is the miracle watery Elasah cream which its made from Ginseng and very fast effect to your skin within 3 days, price at RM 238 per 60ml of jar, very very expensive ever and its made by Samsung….shocked. You also can get a free gift item as calender and a booklet catalogue even a sample soap or mud….

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