Malaysian IT Fair, Mid Valley MVEC


Back in 10 years ago, the computer exhibition was made at KLCC, Kuala Lumpur was very large and happening. Lots of model showing their passion through the computer exhibition by each of the manufacturer. But now, the era of computing seem saturate by the existing of smartphone and tablet technology. This technology replacing huge size of computing unit into a single devices that have ability of Internet of Thing and its application. The component of computer like desktop and laptop no more popular, besides they can be used as completing task at the office rather use it fully in lifestyle. In this exhibition, the manufacturer try their best to attract consumer to buy either in cheap price or addition in technology which updated to the latest version. There also have pro and cons facing the computer exhibition to the public where the economy not provide the consumer to buy more than enough. On the 3 days at MVEC Mid Valley, the consumer really wait for the discount and the last bargain before the final exhibition close for another round next end of the year.

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