Dobuyo Mid Valley (aka Dobu Dobu)


Wanna to taste Korean!! Let go to the Dobuyo branch at Mid Valley Megamall (aka Dobu Dobu) for the treat of Korea. They served ala carte and set version of meal which freshly from the Korean Kitchen made by the experience chef. Me likely to choose the Sondobu meal both beef and chicken (beef more taste), which the set from RM 18.50 to RM 21.50 (depend on your meat). The set also include of Kimchi, vegetable, rice and the Sondubu Soup, the beverage is excluded in the package. The aloe Vera drink is my favorite at this Dobuyo Restaurants. The soup also lots of tofu and eggs inside the small traditional bowl of Korean Cousine. Luckily sometimes long wait for the meal, you can asked the manager for discount… least you happy

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