IOI City Mall, Putrajaya


Feel bless live in Malaysia that have many Shopping Centre and Mall, mostly easily to find and access for household goods and so on. The youngster mostly like to chill out with friends and family, so of the likely to windows shopping across the store. The store also being the top class of the mall quality and service across the facility provided by the management. IOI Mall Putrajaya also not being the biggest shopping mall across Kuala Lumpur, the ranking quietly same to Mid Valley Megamall, Sunway pyramid, KLCC and other. Badly which a popular store that have in certain place have their branch so far from other branch also being a problem to the consumer. It may depending on the stock taking is not much and to much sometimes, they also can’t control the overwhelming situation on promotion day which other department need to help them cause by the less worker and so on. For the better, they need to have allocate their branch nearby for consumer easy access and buy, product brand might be a trust to them.

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