Playstation 3 Slim Replace the old PS3 Fat 2008


I’m so sad when my old fat PlayStation 3 keep heating and suddenly shutdown and light the YLOD (Yellow light of Death), this error exist since I’m not playing the console about a year from September 2013 to September 2014, which I’m at in London for doing my MSc Engineering Management at Brunel University, London. I have 80 titles of games need to be finish on my free time, mostly the game buy at Amazon UK at cheap price per game disc, not new but the 2nd hand of game but still clean and be use-able to play. Some of the add-on still on the disc cover and can be used to get extra item at PlayStation Store. So I decided to buy the new PlayStation 3 at Lazada online store before its run on stock which currently the PS3 console its not easy to get in the store and still available online at lower price. I still keep playing PS3 for the move controller and its camera, if not the device can’t be used and such a waste.I have no choice and need to pay my debt to the bank for this kind of gadget….sorry for that….

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