The memories of Sony Bloggie HD to Blogger


Remember this device produce by Sony for the fanatics blogger, small and easy to handle movie and photo capture even the megapixel not being the number 1 to this, Sony keep the technology to be the lowest ever but the usage of this device mainly can be fun. Every moment can be capture through the small rotational lens, the battery running fast to drain when capturing motion at 720p and 1080p format at 30fps, the memory 4GB built in the device can be expanded using external SD card through the slot. I have the Sony Bloggie white color, buy at Pikom PC Fair at KLCC in 2010 at the price of RM 450 with free memory 4GB Sd card and a bag. Nowadays, Sony keep on other devices to capture likely to be the mobile Xperia smartphone to be used on the blog and popular social media.

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