Caffebene Bingsu for 4, Sunway Pyramid


After finishing our lunch at Chicken Rice Shop, later after 30 minutes walking, we having a cold thing at caffebene for sure. A big Bingsu for the member to be eat. I have select 4 types of my favorite bingsu ever including of Green Tea Bingsu, Brownie Bingsu, Pat Bingsu and Oreo Chocolate Bingsu, all at a single size cup for 6 peoples to eat. Each of the member need to finish within 1 hour if not they need to pay for all the Bingsu for sure….hahaha… but I likely to having Bingsu in the evening which the cafe seem so very colorful lighting at that time. In the day, the sunshine reflect the light at the glass and really disturb my eyesight to the road.

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