Dobu Dobu or Dobuyo, Mid Valley Megamall


When the Weekend come, I likely to stay at home to relax and update my photo website for sure, but my housemate want to spend the time ada Dobu Dobu or other name is Dobuyo, located at underground floor of Mid Valley Megamall shopping center. I likely to eat Korean food include of beef and soup like the photos show. Are the name is Soondobu Beef set, not sure about it, I just order and left it the menu at the side of the table. The beverage also very good, me choose the Aloe Vera fresh drink for sure, like it so much. Each pax set for the beef is about RM 21.50 not including the service tax and GST tax. if you want to eat with other, the bill for 2 is about RM 57 which including the beverage, got RM 3 discount on the receipt.

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