Senja Restaurant – Maju Junction, Kuala Lumpur


Senja? Wahhh…this name also can be used as restaurant name…hahaha. The Senja mean Sunset in English, so try to translate as Sunset Restaurant inside the Maju Junction Mall building in Kuala Lumpur city center. The restaurant look very luxurious display of its decoration of white Orchids everywhere in such a big vase. All paint likely white color and feel so comfortable to having a lunch here. Lunch with other 3 friends and sister together for lunch, some want to eat traditional meal, western meal and so on. The presentation of the food also be the advantages of the restaurant to attract visitor to come again to the restaurant. Chill out with them all which everybody work at different level of office, some at education, so of at corporate office and so on, but I likely to be at Education department for sure. Recommended to everybody want to having dinner here at night which the restaurant can be a romantic place to be. Price is affordable and likely same to Secret Recipe outlet and others

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