Innisfree Premium Orchid Signature Series


Finally I have collect all Innisfree Orchid series Cream for anti-ageing, love the fragrance, but for sure its too expensive on the cream, total of the cream can reach RM 180 per jar. Its consist of massage cream, gel cream, eye cream, intense cream, enriched cream, mostly at quantity of 50 ml per jar or you can get the sample for free at any Innisfree Store in the small packet for enriched cream to try out. The massage cream seem thicker than enriched cream but they look like the same thing, don’t know how they work to help anti-ageing to be done.Effect of the anti-oxidant effect for radiant, healthy and smooth skin as stated at the box of this series.The enriched is 5 in 1 cream for anti-ageing that offer wrinkle free smoothing, firming, brightening, nourishing and pore tighten benefits, the massage cream for skin radiant and vibrant and the eye cream to delicate area around the eyes firm and smooth.

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