Innisfree Soybean Essence (Normal and Light)


At last I already got this Soybean Fermented Essence from Innisfree, both light and normal. The normal bottle seem likely to be oily fermented rather than light soybean. The light version is more fermented soybean at extra 4 % than the normal bottle. The light for the extreme oily skin and the normal for the dry and normal skin. Both essence do the same thing to flawless the skin from blemish caused by the sunlight and low maintenance skin care and not enough sleep. Same price at RM 142 and same size at 150 ml per bottle that can be buy at Innisfree store around Klang Valley. Like it so much which other series of pore clay, green tea and orchids can be mixed with this essence, so cool. You can request for trial at the counter, asked for the sample bottle to try.

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