Playstation 3 Teardown for Cleaning


Playstation 3 was my best console ever I ever had to buy at Sony. Ibuy this fat model at Malaysia Store on year 2007, nearly 10 years of usage and many of the games I had finish and mostly I like is the Uncharted 1,2 and 3 games, the best game ever and still waiting for the next Uncharted 4 in April 2016 with the Console at the price of RM 1,899, so expensive but worth it for the fanatics like me, hope so, but I already have white PS4… might be need to buy the games only, no need buy the new console…hehe. So back to the PS3 cleaning process like in the photos, since I am an Engineering Engineer background, teardown the PS3 was easy yet complicated in some areas, mostly the microprocessor area, need to be careful over the time cleaning. Thinking to sell this console and buy the new once like the slim version of PS3, need budget for that…hahaha

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