MilkCow Banana Parfaits, Sunway Pyramid


Thanks again to The Face Shop The Curve for the free coupon to the Milk Cow Ice Cream Store for free. The coupon ended 31 January 2016 and I decided to find somewhere the Milk Cow store at Sunway Pyramid. Its at lower ground 2 and lovely booth with all white decoration. If you buy the Banana Parfaits its cost about RM 15.90 each, but getting free when using the coupon. That was great to having an ice cream with layering of muesli inside the cup, so sweet with honey and some lime, not easy to finish and I need a plain water beside it. At the end of the day, Milk Cow offer next 4 coupon to getting a free cosmetics at The Face Shop, 2 coupon for free redeem and 2 coupon with RM 5.00 discount for any purchase. Really happy to received it. Thanks many.

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