Mystical By Fazura – Mist & Merchandise


By the name of an actress in Malaysia, Fazura was a beautiful women that have talent in acting, she also have a lots of controversy in her live, so by then lets talk about her product, she have a store in Bangsar, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. One of my housemate is very like her so much and already buy her product as seen on the cover page. She selling a cosmetic along with a merchandise for the fanatics and consumer. Her cosmetics likely to be the fragrance mist, as in the photo gallery, she produce of 3 types of mist including of I Love Me, Spotlight and  Berry Beautiful. Not sure about the price, need to asked my housemate…hehe…the merchandise bag made from plastic likely Harrods travel bag, some kind like that if you touch, it feel same.

Mystical is a collection of Body Mist inspired by Nur Fazura dedicated to strong women and men. Mystical, a combination of Mist & Whimsical presents 3 different scents that each serves a purpose of making one feel confident, special and loved all day and night. I LOVE ME made from camomile is a sweet scent that reminds you to constantly love yourself (just like Fazura’s first song Sayangi Dirimu), SPOTLIGHT made from AVOCADO gives you confidence to keep your head up high like walking under the spotlight. Because you too, are a star! This scent is also loved very much by Men! BERRY BEAUTIFUL made from wild berries makes you feel so beautiful with a little touch of a dark side. You know, like don’t mess kind of beautiful! Hot!

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