Daiso Facial Product at RM 5.30


Just RM 5.30, Daiso selling a beauty product, does it good? so I decided to try some of its brand created for just a price of RM 5.30 each. So lets try the Daiso Charcoal Cleanser Foam and Natural Pack Mask, the product came in a small tube like toothpaste, the outlook of the package seem very good advertise and totally cheap. All the instruction in Japanese, you need to read in japanese…hahaha..as long you can read is ok, but do need understand is better. What the shocked to me, the product is made in Korea..haha. The smell also very fragrance inside the charcoal paste. This use to minimize pore to makes your face smooth and soft. Fantastic result after used, skin look very refresh and feel so comfortable during hot day. Recommended to all skin types and really good for a budget skincare, not irritated and nice to carry.

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