Which The Best Cleanser? Any Suggestions


Which the best cleanser?Any suggestions need to be care of. As from the photos, many of my cleanser are from the east which I mean it came from Korea, Japan and so on. Just a few came from UK and Europe like Bodyshops and Garnier. Basically all of this cleanser is like a food that I have to eat everyday. I keep change my cleanser everyday to make sure my skin having a good touch of various kind of product which I’m not irritated into. Luckily my skin is not to oily which I don’t need a scrub inside the cleanser. If you have acne or something bad, just use the normal cleanser is enough, don’t go beyond your expectation on your skin, lets it be the native of your skin, better food your skin with original nature made cleanser, as I recommended a cleanser from Innisfree and The Face Shop. This kind of cleanser is made originally from 100% nature ingredients. If you’re dreaming of smooth skin effect, I mostly recommend again the white eggs foam for your face.


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