Innisfree Free Giveaway


Since back from the short course by my organisation, I do not have much time to update this website, lots of my photo not yet being review, which my facebook page seem very fast update, unlucky no story was done at facebook page and the visitor to the page also still not many like this website counter. Free gift always be my priority when I often buy a cosmetics at the store, the promoter now can identify my face every week at the Innisfree store at Sunway Pyramid and Paradigm Mall in Petaling Jaya, Malaysia. The korean seem further with their cosmetics rather than west country and so on. I keep received order from my officemate, colleague and family to buy at Innisfree store. Each of the purchase above RM 120, you can get a free gift of 3 pieces of Innisfree product. Later, if you buy more than RM 250, you can redeem this 5 top capsule at a price of RM 9.00 each for free and purchase above RM 300 you can get an umbrella or free too.

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