Innisfree Green Tea Series


So funny when the promoter at the Innisfree store asking me like this ” I always see you came here recently to buy this product, you like it so much ha”. Me laughing and reply her answer with some reason why I always come to the store and she understand what I’m doing there. So she as the promoter also shocked when I talk about the series of Innisfree. Meanwhile, my hand keep searching for the Green Tea product which I love the smell of the product, the cream also match my skin texture and its good if you combine with SK-II Pitera, mix it and see the effect. To complete the series of green tea product, I just added more likely from cleansing water, lotion, balancing skin, sleeping cream, seed cream, essence and serum. All of this cream have their function to have a flawless skin and prevent the ageing of skin in future. I very like it the ingredients that no alcohol at all. Later, I talks about the latest Orchid Series and watch out for the free gift set on the photos.

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