Samsung Galaxy Camera


Do you remember this camera from Samsung which the 1st camera embedded with Android software. Samsung has made this feature to the point and shoot camera as a trial to the market but the adoption of this camera not to be the massive thing to be boom. The best is the camera is equipped with 3G capabilities to handle data connection using a sim card, the camera can used any Android application downloaded at the Play Store.The camera also can zoom at 21X of its capabilities and lots of camera effect can be done through modification and setting in the camera. Later in the 2nd Generation Samsung Galaxy Camera, they decided to remove 3G connection but they upgrade the processor for the new version of Android. As a conclusion, this camera can be good if you not too rigid to the function from the Android software and just used the nature setting by the camera but the disadvantages is the battery drain so fast when used of flash and LCD display to much.

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