The Face Shop Sale, Mid Valley Megamall


Fanatics of Fruit taste make the way to The Face Shop, on my head just wanna to find the eye cream, any eye cream that have smell or taste of a fruit, not like argan oil or olive, the bad smell I can hold whole day, mainly the virgin type of oil, headache. One of the promoter suggest the Chia Seed for the eye cream, price at RM 90 per tube of 40ml. All right then, the eye cream always being expensive type of cosmetic in these days. The retail price is at RM 120, got some discount on the xmas season, lucky me. Not only eye cream, the peeling for lips also available with mango flavour, so sweet taste in mouth price at RM 40 on discount (retail at RM 50++), not remember when its come at 15% discount. So I take others including peeling for skin with Papaya flavour, mainly can replace the Natural Aqua Gel in future. Total with free whitening sample and so on….just like in the photos.

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