The Bodyshop Body Butter


In this previous year the price of this Body Butter is about RM50+ to RM65 per 192g size at any Body shop around Malaysia, but since the MYR currency drop since last year, the price of this Body butter increase so much to RM 95 per 192g. What a huge different?..luckily I have buy this Body butter since at London in the end of 2014 at the price of 3 Body Butter just only 10 pound or RM 50 for 3 types of body butter, what a cheap rather than buy here in Kuala Lumpur. As I know the origin of this Body shop came from UK, no wonder it’s cheap in London. The store in malaysia also can get rid of this Body Butter cause Malaysia is humid than UK, so our skin here is much moist than UK, cold and dry there. On the photo is already cost at RM 500 if you buy in KL, what the expensive ever….???

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