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Unboxing Playstation 3 Superslim Model CECH-4306C

  This is the latest model of Sony Playstation 3 CECH-4306C for the Asian region which consist of 1 Game Controller, Console (Super Slim Model) and 500GB storage. I unboxing this Playstation 3 that can be seen on my video and my photo. I’m very excited to have the new one, the old one still… Read more »

Playstation 3 Slim Replace the old PS3 Fat 2008

  I’m so sad when my old fat PlayStation 3 keep heating and suddenly shutdown and light the YLOD (Yellow light of Death), this error exist since I’m not playing the console about a year from September 2013 to September 2014, which I’m at in London for doing my MSc Engineering Management at Brunel University,… Read more »

The memories of Sony Bloggie HD to Blogger

  Remember this device produce by Sony for the fanatics blogger, small and easy to handle movie and photo capture even the megapixel not being the number 1 to this, Sony keep the technology to be the lowest ever but the usage of this device mainly can be fun. Every moment can be capture through… Read more »

Experiencing Sony Full Frame Sensor Camera A7

  I’m not quite surprise of this Sony A7 Full Frame camera, the old version of this Sony A7 can’t compare to the new flaghip of Sony A7 Mark II which more stable on handling. Sony introduce the new element of photography to eliminate blur condition in low light shooting. The photo showing one of… Read more »

Innisfree New Product 2016

  This year Innisfree have introduce new item at the store including of brightening lotion, hair serum and foot scrub wash. I love the foot scrub which the flavor is very refreshing to my entire foot, the scrub can be use to remove dirt on the foot skin. The hair serum seem likely same to… Read more »

New Zealand Natural Gelato Ice Cream

  Yummy to taste the premium ice cream gelato at New Zealand Natural Store in Sunway Pyramid. Each of the gelato Ice cream can be choose on the menu and the price indicated heart attack, so expensive, but for a trial, its be the granted to taste this so expensive ice cream which the price… Read more »

AEON Jusco Sunway Pyramid Hot Plate

  The best hot plate dish ever at AEON Jusco Sunway Pyramid. Price at RM 7.90 each plate and be different price on other selection on the menu can be choose either rice or noodles for the hot plate. The thick sauce of soy sauce and the beef seem swimming with the eggs and rice… Read more »

Updating PS VITA to Version 3.57

  Sony always keep updated their Playstation Network Server for an update to all the consoles including this PS Vita. The handheld seem not very popular nowadays which the game mostly came from japan and likely to be an anime. Previously in the 1st launching of PS Vita in the market, the Uncharted – The… Read more »

Tino’s Pizza Express, Nexus Bangsar South

  Here at Nexus Bangsar South, I had a dinner with housemate at Tino’s Pizza. Since never ate this kind of pizza before, we decided to have a try. They have a single meal and a set of pax of 2 and above. We choose the set meal of pax of 2 at RM 59.00… Read more »

Manhattan Fish Market

  Hate when all restaurant full with people at Mid Valley Megamall, later I have no choice to eat at this Manhattan Fish Market. As usual, the dory fish and the sweet Alabama is the 1st choice, still thinking to eat the lobster and the crab but I feel to vomit about the seafood, my… Read more »

Arizona Assorted Drinks

  Do you want a low sugar can drinks you can select this Arizona brand of zero calorie flavor drink for good. The can also very big enough to be drink by one person, but seem its likely to be in the hot day or summer, this can be done in few minutes, thirsty all… Read more »

Hot Wheel EPIC, New Track Promotion, Sunway Pyramid

  Once again Hot Wheel presenting their promotion for the new model tracks at Sunway Pyramid Court. Here, there a various of new model can be seen for demonstrating to the public and to the media. There will be a media conference at 3.00 pm and the public can buy the latest model track and… Read more »

Caffebene Bingsu for 4, Sunway Pyramid

  After finishing our lunch at Chicken Rice Shop, later after 30 minutes walking, we having a cold thing at caffebene for sure. A big Bingsu for the member to be eat. I have select 4 types of my favorite bingsu ever including of Green Tea Bingsu, Brownie Bingsu, Pat Bingsu and Oreo Chocolate Bingsu,… Read more »

Explorace Bargain, Chicken Rice Shop

  A week after the exhibition was the activity week for my department, which joining a group of 10 in explorace at Shah Alam City Lake in the morning, the event finish at 1.00 pm and later our group went to Sunway Pyramid for lunch. The photos show all the group member having lunch at… Read more »

Chewy Junior Mini Cakes

  Delicious Custard Cakes by Chewy Junior,very soft inside out. Thanks to my housemate giving this cakes for free. I don’t know the actual price or where he buy this kind of food in Kuala Lumpur. I just wondering he must buy at Mid Valley Megamall or some where nearby Kuala Lumpur. The taste very… Read more »

Microsoft Surface & Windows 10 Promotion, Mid Valley

  AEON Big with Microsoft doing the Surface and Windows 10 promotion to the public at Mid Valley Megamall, located at the center court of the mall. Both promoting Surface tablet and Windows 10 Operating System. They show some promotion on trade rebate up to RM 500 for the new surface, cash rebates and purchase… Read more »

Mini Mini Cafe Exhibition, Mid Valley Megamall

  Firstly I don’t know what this kind of decor their presenting to the public until finally I understand its for the decoration of miniature product from Mini Mini Cafe Toy Series. The decor is the same but larger version of the toy. Inside the glass featuring the miniature feature in small cabinet which you… Read more »

Mango Aloha Malaysia, Mid Valley

  Once again I went to this cafe for the dessert of mango banana taste and its named of “First & Sago”. Price at RM 10.50 each and the taste is very delicious. Combination of mango, banana, kiwi, strawberry and sago with custard cream very tempting my mouth at all. They also have a smoothies,ice… Read more »

Dobu Dobu or Dobuyo, Mid Valley Megamall

  When the Weekend come, I likely to stay at home to relax and update my photo website for sure, but my housemate want to spend the time ada Dobu Dobu or other name is Dobuyo, located at underground floor of Mid Valley Megamall shopping center. I likely to eat Korean food include of beef… Read more »

Kenny Rogers Roaster Maju Junction Mall

  The last day of exhibition at MARA Building, I and my colleague went again to the mall with other friends, now at Kenny Rogers MJ at the underground floor of the mall. The menu remain the same all over the years, but me likely to choose the teriyaki chicken with rice which the I… Read more »

Flower Shop at MARA

  Badly my booth showing our project at MARA building is opposite this Flower Shop. the owner selling huge of flower for gift and decoration purpose, the price look very nicely, but my home have no place to put that kind of vase actually. Meanwhile, the decoration for anniversary bear seem very popular in Malaysia,… Read more »

Senja Restaurant – Maju Junction, Kuala Lumpur

  Senja? Wahhh…this name also can be used as restaurant name…hahaha. The Senja mean Sunset in English, so try to translate as Sunset Restaurant inside the Maju Junction Mall building in Kuala Lumpur city center. The restaurant look very luxurious display of its decoration of white Orchids everywhere in such a big vase. All paint… Read more »

Dr Cafe – Ice Mocha Frappuccino

  Since I can’t find any Starbucks store here at Premiera Building, only available coffee store is Dr Cafe, What, Dr Cafe? Never heard before until I ordered a Frappuccino which can get 1 free 1 at the venti size only. The coffee seem so strong with the chocolate and the whipped cream also not… Read more »

Secret Recipe at Maju Junction Mall

  That good when you have a “sister” at other office nearby that can support you lunch so special. Meet Aishah my sister work nearby office at the same organisation spend time with me and friends a day after the food court story at Maju Junction Mall last night. Sister suggest to eat at Secret… Read more »

Maju Junction Food Court

  nothing special about this food court, the food seem normal but little bit pricey. I decided to choose the Chicken Fried Rice with Eggs, and need to wait about 6 to 10 minutes before serve to my table for dinner. They use the normal chicken fried and cut into pieces, unlucky me the chicken… Read more »

Tune Hotel Kuala Lumpur

  I really no have time to update my web again in this year, but I need to take a few minutes to write about my photos in this moment for sure. This photos taken at Tune Hotel Kuala Lumpur for a duration of a week during the next exhibition at our organisation at MARA… Read more »