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Beautiful White Flower

  This photos show a beautiful white flower around my parent’s home, look so refreshing on the leaves, very dark green with a water drop on it. I keep photographing this flower side by side and the Sony NEX F3 show more contrast and color to the camera sensor, capture using kits lens SEL1855 and… Read more »

Happy Birthday to My Nephew

  The whole world like a crazy when this kids celebrating their birthday together at my parent’s home in Johor. The photo of my nephew exciting to blow out the candle and make a wish as faster as they could. Mostly kids below than 5 years old doesn’t understand about birthday, what they want only… Read more »

[Back Into Memories]- Arowana & Goldfish 2008

  Love so much this event in 2008 at Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre, Kuala Lumpur for the Freshwater Fish Exhibition 2008. Ticket sell at RM 10 per head for this event. Lots of fish came from all pacific region take part into this, mostly arowana and goldfish for the competition.  The arowana can achieve million… Read more »

PS4 Family Pack 2015

  For a limited time offer for Xmas 2015, this game bundle from Sony Playstation seem came late to the store, everytime I go to the store they always said the bundle is out of stock and then I need to pre-order until I get this bundle very late January 2016 for a best bargain… Read more »

[Back Into Memories] – Bird Paradise 2008

  Love this place which is near Kuala Lumpur National Mosque or Masjid Negara and its also surrounded with Orchid Gardens and the Previous Prime Minister Abdul Razak Memorial. This place named Kuala Lumpur Bird Garden, the fee is about RM 35 per person (Adult). The cage is too large even the net is far… Read more »

[Back Into Memories] – Kuala Lumpur 2008

  That not easy to take photos on motorcycle ride across Kuala Lumpur at the noon. Since the weather very clear I just with my housemate go around Kuala Lumpur for a special task and then I have tried to take photo during the ride, its seem not to easy to capture moving object which… Read more »

[Back Into Memories ] – Mid Valley Fashion Show 2007

  This photos taken on summer 2007 where Mid Valley Mega Mall presenting their event for the Fashion Week. The trending by Rufffey to the stage for the fashion show was awesome, all the models showing their new summer fashion during this event. In the 1st time I have used this Sony A200W with SAL75300… Read more »

Clinique Facial Brush System – Skin Changer

  Clinique have made a best solution for skincare to their innovative facial brush system which its come into a special pack of skincare product and can be re-chargeable through USB port and can be used in the water for cleaning purpose. The brush system not using the rotation brush but using a speed of… Read more »

Playstation 3 Teardown for Cleaning

  Playstation 3 was my best console ever I ever had to buy at Sony. Ibuy this fat model at Malaysia Store on year 2007, nearly 10 years of usage and many of the games I had finish and mostly I like is the Uncharted 1,2 and 3 games, the best game ever and still… Read more »

[Back Into Memories ] – The Gardens Mall 2007

  This photos taken using my 1st DLSR Sony A200W 10.2 MPixel camera at Mid Valley Gardens Mall in 2007. You can see the old thing at the Mall including the shops and the premium merchant outlets that always change depend on the market sale up and down. This mall always have new things and… Read more »

Innisfree VIP Pack 2016 Giveaway

  Thank you so much the giveaway from innisfree to me. Innisfree VIP Pack 2016 for the selected Innisfree customer which had a VIP holder member. The VIP Pack consist of home fragrance including of orchid and gardenia, snow globe and a free Innisfree VIP card that cost at RM 60. The VIP card can… Read more »

Sunway Pyramid CNY 2016 Decor, 1st Floor

  This is the another photos at Sunway Pyramid Mall at 1st Floor. There such a big blossom tree decorated with big lantern and monkey signboard located beside it. The color of red and gold also make the decor so beautiful and the big chandelier at the Ice rink look so fascinated like a crystal… Read more »

Pat Bingsu at Caffebene Sunway Pyramid

  After having a Hot and Roll at the Lower Ground Floor of the mall, later I go to the Caffebene at the 1st Floor to have a Bingsu, select the Pat Bingsu which the original bingsu from korea, the original flavour made from a red bean and flour on the top of the Ice… Read more »

Hot and Roll, Sunway Pyramid

  Hungry, hungry and hungry everytime….hahaha… stomach become more and more bigger like a loser. Don’t worry about it lets take a short break to Sunway Pyramid and trying the Hot and Roll Prata Bread with BBQ sauce, not big and not affordable but its okay to have dinner with small amount of food. Meanwhile… Read more »

CNY Deco 2016, Jaya Shopping Centre

  So cute monkey at Jaya Shopping Mall for the Chinese New Year 2016 Celebration. The monkey holding such a gold on their hand to show peace and prosperity. The decor situated at the ground floor of the mall. The stage make the decor so beautiful with the blossom tree including the lanterns arounds. Nobody… Read more »

Kenny Rogers Roaster, Kl Sentral

  This photo taken in the middle of January 2016, which I had a dinner with cousin at Kenny Rogers Roaster. Later, I need to go to the ERL Transit to Cyberjaya for a short courses into the Master Trainer of Entrepreneurship. With ERL the journey only takes 15 minutes from KL Sentral to Putrajaya… Read more »

The Face Shop Mask & Cleanser

  Once again after a busy work this week at PWTC on the MTE 2016 event, I have return to home with all tired, no more energy and need of long sleep. By the way, remember the coupon at the Milk Cow store I have redeem at The Face Shop for the free Foam Rice… Read more »

New Starbucks Flavour for Chinese New Year 2016

  This Chinese New Year 2016, Starbuck offer a new flavour at the cafe including of Chestnut White Chocolate Truffle and Strawberry Red Velvet Mocha. I really like it both flavour, rich in coffee and chocolate but need to less sweet in this beverage, mostly ice blended version otherwise I need to take other like… Read more »

SK-II New Year 2016 Promotion

  I’m searching for the New Bottle of FTE at the promotion event at Mid Valley Megamall, but unluckily the bottle is out of stock, I pretty late to buy the Limited Edition Chinese New Year (Phoenix) bottle for 230ml FTE with free 215 ml Toner at the promotion price of RM 620. The promoter… Read more »

Disney Fun Fare Exhibition, MVEC

  Disney Fun Fare Exhibition at Mid Valley Exhibition Centre show all Disney Trademark merchandise including kids garment and accessories. Mainly, the target is on kids toys that selling at warehouse price from RM 15 to RM 1000+, depend on the type of toys and kids garment show by the exhibitor. All parent need to spend… Read more »

Premium Ball Watch Promotion, Mid Valley

  Luxury and Premium watch by Ball at the centre court of Mid Valley Megamall. The premium watch inclusive the technology of night reading evolution, Springlock which for anti-shock system, A-Proof for anti magnetic system, embedded temperature measurement (TMT), Cold temperature endurance, water resistance, crown protection system and folding buckle system. The price started from… Read more »

Coliseum Cafe & Grill

  Hungry at the Mall, Coliseum Cafe & Grill nearby can help your empty stomach to fill up with food, but carefully selected the meal need to be aware. The restaurant have serving variety of eastern food and western food even Malaysia Traditional food also available here. Price are standard compare to other restaurant at… Read more »

Paul Frank by Innisfree

  Love Monkey!!! You might love Paul Frank. Collaboration with Innisfree for the New Year 2016 celebration was awesome. Since the merchandise from paul Frank is quite expensive, getting its for free is a really a bargain to have. with purchase of Innisfree above RM 200, you are eligible to get this Paul Frank Bag… Read more »

Innisfree Miniature Pack

  Anything small and easy for travel, but to get it I need to buy something worth more than its limits. This Innisfree Miniature Bottle was made if you buy any Innisfree product at the store with certain limits purchase. If you buy many, you are eligible to get this miniature bottle for free. I like… Read more »

Sunway Pyramid Chinese New Year Deco 2016

  Sunway pyramid is doing early thing to celebrate the Chinese New Year 2016 this year, with collaboration with the Panda Movie, the decoration of Monkey is lost rather than showing lots of panda at the stage for the decoration.Background of old Chinese building with a cute bridge. Visitor can taking photo using sponsored photo… Read more »

MilkCow Banana Parfaits, Sunway Pyramid

  Thanks again to The Face Shop The Curve for the free coupon to the Milk Cow Ice Cream Store for free. The coupon ended 31 January 2016 and I decided to find somewhere the Milk Cow store at Sunway Pyramid. Its at lower ground 2 and lovely booth with all white decoration. If you… Read more »

Innisfree Jeju Volcanic Clay Mousse Mask

  As I said before, I just waiting for the Jeju Clay Mask Mousse version to be complete the set of Clay Series from Innisfree, Price at RM 70 per bottle, the mousse really nice and soft, deeply go to your skin to prevent the sebum from inside to be the blackhead and whitehead to… Read more »

Daiso Cat in Cup

  Kitten really nice to hold but this is not a real kitten, but a kitten in a cup, only available at Daiso Sunway Pyramid, only yellow color is available, I buy 2 of this cup since the thing show the cutest thing I ever seen in Daiso. Price remain the same at RM 5.30… Read more »

Daiso Owl Coin Bank

  Really cute of two of this owl coin bank from Daiso, each owl coin bank at a price of RM 5.30. Not to big or too small, just fit your table for decoration, mostly for money saving point. Its made by ceramic and easy to broke out, luckily the coin bank have a door… Read more »

SK-II Men Hugo Boss

  The limited Edition of SK-II Men Set featuring Boss Hugo Boss Perfume inside a one box at the price of RM 315 inclusive at Mid Valley Megamall, available on SK-II counter in mall or other places in Kuala Lumpur. Its consist of 75ml of Facial Treatment Essence and 30 ml of Boss Hugo Boss… Read more »

Copa de Malaysia Tournament 2016

  Once again this Copa de Malaysia event was held at Jaya Shopping Centre for the second time for this year 2016. The sport like a judo fighting made by the continent of Latin country to Malaysia. You can see live at the mall as free, no need to buy ticket cause its a public… Read more »

Innisfree Jeju Volcanic Series

  At last but not really complete with the last clay mousse for the Innisfree Clay Volcanic Series, as seen in the photo there are a lots of innisfree series of product that concentrate into a special treatment, likely for pore, anti-ageing, brightening and so on. This clay is concentrate on pore care for most… Read more »

Mystical By Fazura – Mist & Merchandise

  By the name of an actress in Malaysia, Fazura was a beautiful women that have talent in acting, she also have a lots of controversy in her live, so by then lets talk about her product, she have a store in Bangsar, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. One of my housemate is very like her so… Read more »

Daiso Facial Product at RM 5.30

  Just RM 5.30, Daiso selling a beauty product, does it good? so I decided to try some of its brand created for just a price of RM 5.30 each. So lets try the Daiso Charcoal Cleanser Foam and Natural Pack Mask, the product came in a small tube like toothpaste, the outlook of the… Read more »

Panasonic Beauty Series

  At last all Panasonic Beauty already buy on the season greeting and New year sale, got lots of discount on all facial gadget buy. This is the most important facial gadget from Panasonic need to be buy for having a good skincare rather than use cosmetics cream, essence, lotion and so on. This devices… Read more »

Panasonic Pore Cleanser

  Hate blackhead? Why not try this Panasonic Facial Pore Cleanser, easy using this kind of facial gadget to sucked of all the blackhead and whitehead mostly at the difficult area around nose,ear and eyes. This pore cleanser also provided with rechargeable battery for easy use and water resistance base product and can be washable…. Read more »

Innisfree Orchid Petal & Seed

  At last this Orchid Series has come to Innisfree Malaysia Store through their official store in Sunway Pyramid, Paradigm Mall and Pavilion Kuala Lumpur. This high concentrate of Orchids flavour for flawless and anti-ageing cream including of eye cream, enriched cream, intense cream, massage cream  and gel cream with free miniature travel kit (3… Read more »

Borghese Fango Active Mud For Face And Body

  The signature and classic Fango Active is a one-and-only, must-have, mineral-rich mud. It’s a sensational step beyond everyday clean. Derived from traditional Tuscan treatments, its deep-down purifying power purges and minimizes pores. It exfoliates and helps surface cell turnover, imparting clarity. It hydrates and firms reducing fine lines and providing smooth, toned texture. Infused with… Read more »

Panasonic Warming Facial & Body Roller

  This is another invention make Panasonic for facial treatment which its come in roller base gadget. This is one of the many range in Panasonic Beauty gadgets, you need to collect at least 4 of this gadgets including steamer, putter, blackhead and whitehead sucker and other remaining product from Panasonic. This Warming Facial &… Read more »

Guardians Charcoal & Tea Tree Nose Pack

  Since Biore is the one of the most effective with their nose pore strips, I would like to try this new nose strips from Guardians Pharmacy which is more less expensive and have extra strips for the treatment. The charcoal pore strips is come with active charcoal for oil absorption, and witch hazel to… Read more »

Pony Brown Cute Mask Plus

  This mask inclusive of 4 types of mask into a 2 box for the end of year 2015 promotion at Guardian pharmacy. The blue pack is for the intense moisturizing and smoothing  your skin ( 5 sheets), the green for purifying & pore care, the red is for illuminating and revitalizing and the final… Read more »

Samsung Galaxy A5 – Not 1 but 2

  I already been trap by the prosperity burger at the McDonald’s by my cousin, which he had a planned to trick me on the day. He trap me into the gadget world again, I said “No” and refuse to buy any new thing of something sound “Electronic” again. So I make a deal, pay… Read more »

Mcdonald’s Prosperity Burger – Long Time not Eat

  Fast food is not good for health actually, since my age is near to 40 in future years from now, I need to aware of this kind of food, but sometimes when something came as limited edition, I think its okay to have a good privilege to having the meal. Meanwhile, somebody is tuning… Read more »

New Year at Segamat Town, Johor Darul Takzim

  Just back again to my hometown in Johor, mostly miss my mother and sibling around, when a new baby came into my family, its really cherish the day. Since the weather is getting hot in the afternoon, we decided to going out only after 5.00pm, cause not make the baby cry cause by the… Read more »

Low Carb at Sepiring

  Love this “Masak Lemak Daging Salai” Spaghetti at Sepiring during the weekdays, the meal only at RM 15.90 per meal including of ice tea and porridge. I like it so much during the visit to Sepiring, but this time I already ordered twice of this spaghetti meal, the sauce is very traditional malay food,… Read more »

Sony A3500J DSLT with SEL1850

  Welcome the new entry camera into my family, introducing the very lightweight Sony camera ever, equipped with SEL1850 lens kit make the camera look very trendy and professional. This the lowest entry of SOny DLST camera in the market with APS-C CMOS sensor HD with total 20.4 MPixel. Price at RM 1199 and only… Read more »