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Borghese Fango Mud

  Do you having trying this kind of mud? This is Fango from Borghese which made from nature mud for masking and peeling, the smell also very good and very pleasant to your face. This jar filled with 212 gram of mud which being the signature product of Borghese. Selling in Malaysia just RM 65… Read more »

Which The Best Cleanser? Any Suggestions

  Which the best cleanser?Any suggestions need to be care of. As from the photos, many of my cleanser are from the east which I mean it came from Korea, Japan and so on. Just a few came from UK and Europe like Bodyshops and Garnier. Basically all of this cleanser is like a food… Read more »

Panasonic Beauty – Facial Cool Putter

  No need to take ice from the fridge anymore for your face, to reduce pore size just using this Panasonic Cool Putter is easy in a few minutes. The result is very tremendous, you can feel your face so cool down by the thin layer of putter which cool out all the pore to… Read more »

Starbucks The Gardens Mall, Borders Bookstore

  After having such a hot and spicy thing at Rasa Utara, I and my housemate going to other places inside the biggest shopping mall in Malaysia, The Gardens mall for taking a sweet beverage to reduce the hot of chilli on my tongue. Unfortunately, the Starbucks Reserve on the 2nd floor is full, and… Read more »

Rasa Utara, Mid Valley Megamall

  Rasa Utara is popular of its Chicken Lagenda always made Malaysian Traditional food very delicious among other food including fast food and soon. For this time I would like to taste other menu or meal for dinner and decided to choose the beef rendang and the Chicken with Chili paste. As seen on the… Read more »

Lovely Lace Scent Candle

  I’m very pleasent to have this candle for my room, mostly the scent from vanilla and strawberry, but I mostly like the Lavender scent is more peaceful for me. Since Lovely Lace doesn’t sell the Lavender candle, just strawberry and vanilla for xmas, so I decided to buy them, luckily both of the candle… Read more »

Big Books Xmas Decor 2015 at The Curve

  Now we can see the different between others shopping centre at other places, where The Curve presenting a Giant Book for their Xmas decor 2015. There a lots of book in huge size to be see, can’t be touch while the books had made as a stage for xmas performing arts. As, you can… Read more »

Nippon Paint Tree at E-Curve

  The giant xmas tree made by Nippon Paint for the xmas 2015, located at the curve square between the e-curve mall and the curve mall. The xmas tree with 10 metre high made by paint cans decorate with such a lighting and support by the 5 large monsters (Nippon Paint Trademark).Nippon Paint the coating… Read more »

E-Curve Xmas Deco 2015

  At last we can see the next decor from the E-Curve Mall that showing their presentation for Xmas 2015. They have decorate such a small store for the merchant to sell their goods for xmas 2015. The expression from a shop in france style coffee cafe can we see from the stage created by… Read more »

Vivo at The Curve

  Hungry, hungry and hungry again, so any suggestion to eat for dinner. Vivo restaurant near The Curve have the answer to your appetite. They served various of western food including chicken roaster and spaghetti for dinner, the beverage mostly the best came from Filipino Mango Juice, very fruity juicy taste, can’t say about it,… Read more »

Burger King Burgers

  Long time not having this Burger King Burgers, Mostly ate at Mid Valley Megamall and Paradigm Mall nearby my home, unless I only eat other type of food, mainly not heavy to reduce fat and so on. Burger King always offer a meal set at lower price but depend on its menu, if premium… Read more »

Innisfree Green Tea Collection

  At last,I have collect all Innisfree Green Tea Collection for my facial treatment, It’s good when the ingredient of the innisfree product can be used to my skin without any irritation, the smell also very good, specially used at night. The cream from the green tea seed also make face smooth and shiny, like… Read more »

Innisfree Free Giveaway

  Since back from the short course by my organisation, I do not have much time to update this website, lots of my photo not yet being review, which my facebook page seem very fast update, unlucky no story was done at facebook page and the visitor to the page also still not many like… Read more »

Thailand Premium Starbucks Tumbler, Xmas 2015

  This is the best ever gift I get for this year, the Starbucks Premium Tumbler from Thailand. The tumbler come with premium built which the top of the tumbler have a gold ring cover between the tumbler cup and its body. Then, inside the plastic body, decoration of Xmas season greeting in green color… Read more »

Starbucks Thailand Tumbler

  In the Xmas month this year, another gift from Thailand Starbucks also get into my door, I’m so happy to have this Pattaya and Phuket Tumbler  including the Xmas red bag and small purse. The big red bag look very nice and very festive to the celebration of Xmas. Not only it’s came with a special… Read more »

Black Canyon Coffee Mug

  Not only tumbler what I get from Thailand, the Mug from Black Canyon also being send to me here by my friend. They also come with the original bon coffee in a small packet for me to try out. The coffee later I put into my French Press Coffee and pour the hot water… Read more »

Black Canyon Coffee Tumbler

  Thank you very much for the huge visitor that came to this photography website. I’m very proud so much to review something to other, mainly not profits but to knowledge people about something good and something not or something else. In the time being, getting a gift from somebody also a good thing to… Read more »

Innisfree Green Tea Series

  So funny when the promoter at the Innisfree store asking me like this ” I always see you came here recently to buy this product, you like it so much ha”. Me laughing and reply her answer with some reason why I always come to the store and she understand what I’m doing there…. Read more »

Samsung Galaxy Camera

  Do you remember this camera from Samsung which the 1st camera embedded with Android software. Samsung has made this feature to the point and shoot camera as a trial to the market but the adoption of this camera not to be the massive thing to be boom. The best is the camera is equipped… Read more »

Chipmunks, NU Sentral Xmas 2015 Deco

  Every floor in this shopping mall occupied by the hilarious Chipmunks on the Xmas 2015 decoration by NU Sentral Mall, the music also being chipmunk every single song. The title of the deco is the Xmas road chip. Lots of children playground in this deco, including the large travel bag and so on. The… Read more »

The Face Shop Sale, Mid Valley Megamall

  Fanatics of Fruit taste make the way to The Face Shop, on my head just wanna to find the eye cream, any eye cream that have smell or taste of a fruit, not like argan oil or olive, the bad smell I can hold whole day, mainly the virgin type of oil, headache. One… Read more »

T & Co Coffee, Mid Valley Megamall

  Like Coffee? Why not try this T & Co Coffee Mousse at Mid Valley extension bridge between The Gardens Mall and mid Valley Megamall, they offers buy 1 free 1 beverage at a price of RM 15.90 per cup beverage. So I decided to take the Chocolate Coffee Mousse Ice Blended including the free… Read more »

Mid Valley – North Court Xmas Deco 2015

  At the other side of the Mid Valley Megamall, at the North Court presenting a giant decoration of Xmas 2015 including of the big pencils, service of wrapping present, decoration stall, ice cream and toys. At the centre was a tower of 3, which a soldier on the tower seeing the customer at the… Read more »

Mid Valley Megamall Xmas Deco 2015

  Once again cause of lazy me to update this web, cause by too many of even and festive season at many place including  this place Mid Valley Megamall at last show their decoration of Xmas 2015, this photo was taken during the season before Xmas 2015. I not recently update cause too many job… Read more »

Free Gift From Innisfree

  Being good to receive this free gift from Innisfree as a new member to the cosmetics world. The box consist of the green tea seed serum, volcanic clay and the orchids enriched cream. This best loved collection as the given named for this gift. The smell both serum and orchids seem made peoples to… Read more »

Sunnyside Farm Premium Ice Cream

  Big and delicious ice cream from Sunnyside farms really very good taste, this time its come in Chocolate falavour named ” Death By Chocolate”, very so named hilarious to be of the ice cream name….This ice cream featuring of decadent chocolate ice cream, chocolate candy pieces and crunchy almonds. I can finish this box… Read more »

SK-II Premium Cosmetic Travel Bag

  Luckily to have this cosmetic travel bag from SK-II counter at Mid Valley Megamall on the previous promotion at the centre court, this bag only available during the promotion period at the price of RM 178 including the Color Set inside the bag. The color set also came with mask, cleanser, CC Cream and… Read more »

The Bodyshop Body Butter

  In this previous year the price of this Body Butter is about RM50+ to RM65 per 192g size at any Body shop around Malaysia, but since the MYR currency drop since last year, the price of this Body butter increase so much to RM 95 per 192g. What a huge different?..luckily I have buy… Read more »

Etude House, Buy 1 Free 1 Promotion

  Once again promotion at Etude House at Pavilion, Kuala Lumpur catch my attention. They said “buy 1 free 1” promotion on Korean Cosmetic at the booth. So I decided to try a brightening emulsion with the serum, since the price it higher than normal other cosmetic like Innisfree and so on. Since it on… Read more »

White Xmas Deco 2015 at Pavilion Kuala Lumpur

  The white xmas come again at Pavilion Shopping Centre at Star Hill, Kuala Lumpur. This year they come with a large xmas tree made by Swarovski that worth RM 700, 000 as reported in any news and blogs around Kuala Lumpur. You also can experience snow show at the entrance of the mall at… Read more »

Starbucks Caramel Macchiato, Best Coffee Ever

  Caramel Macchiato is the one of the siganture beverage at the Starbucks Coffee, the 2 layers of beverage which you can get the best fresh coffee on top and the milk on the bottom, the rich caramel also the deep bottom make the beverage so cool to be drink. The price little bit cheaper… Read more »

Good Food & Co, Jaya Shopping Centre

  I don’t know how to describe this food shop about, seem like a Korean + West food that serving variety of pasta, chicken, bread and soup. They serve like KFC and Mcd style food shop which we need to order and pay at the same time at the counter, they will prepare after that…. Read more »

Innisfree Anti Ageing & Soybean Essence

  This is the best seller anti-ageing and Soybean Essence from Innisfree, its like the power of SK-II Essence in the korean replace by the soybean extract, very sticky caused by the fermented soybean, compatible with any Japanese skincare like SK-II to be mixed with this essence. Since the anti-ageing from SK-II is quite expensive,… Read more »

Innisfree Moleskine Diary 2016

  Not easy to get this Innisfree Moleskine Diary. You need to spend of RM 400 on Innisfree product to get the all 10 stamps to redeem that diary. Mostly Moleskine books is sell expensive in bookstore worldwide, some times reach hundred of ringgit per book. In the promotion of Xmas 2015 you can redeem… Read more »

Innisfree Face Mask

  Innisfree skincare have made a good choice to their mask for face. I love the flavour that came from the natural resources like strawberry, aloe vera, honey, kiwi, bamboo, blackberry and so on. The mask price on xmas promotion at RM 4.00 per pack. The smell of the mask also very calm and nutritious… Read more »

Cocolab Hair Treatment

  When speaks about Cocolab, every peoples will know about coconut. Treatment using coconut oil seem like the same of Aveda or Ayurveda technique to feel calm and repair to the early stage of health. So Cocolab take advantages like Himalayas product health care mostly about hair treatment. Scalp repair from dandruff also being apply… Read more »

Marks & Spencer Soybean Biscuits

  M & S always be the expensive thing in Malaysia, origin from UK, all matters including garment and food also being same to UK price. When all the things converted to our currency, huge price in the total goods sale at the M&S store. Something good when buy at M&S is the biscuits or… Read more »

The Gardens Mall Xmas Deco 2015

  Oriental presentation of Xmas 2015 at the Gardens Mall, Mid Valley shows some classical different from others. This year the theme seem mixed with the Xmas and Chinese New Year. Lots of flowers surrounded the pathway to the iSetan. Some of the deco show of xmas tree with chinese touch. Luxury made food on… Read more »

Jeju Lily Face Mask

  The manufacturer said the mask can pamper your skin which made with such enrich ingredient specially harvested and imported form the beautiful Jeju Island. The mask used to replenish essential daily nutriments on your skin and brighten tired, dull skin and change to beautiful radiant with a natural glow. Easy to use just apply… Read more »

Damyang Bamboo Soothing

  Need a peace sleep every night, use this Damyang Bamboo Soothing Gel for sure, put on your face and neck, a few of gel can soothing your skin freshly every night. Price at RM 25 per jar at the Face Shop, any Face Shop around Malaysia. This Soothing Gel is 99% extract from the… Read more »

Innisfree – New Skincare Come to Life

  Since the Innisfree came to my life, this product is the one of most Korean Women and Men used as a skincare. The technology from the skincare expert in Korea can be the same compare to the skincare from Japan. Having try to mix both Japan product SK-II and Innisfree can get the tremendous… Read more »

Nexus, Bangsar South at Night

  I still playing with New Sony A6000 camera, but the new Bionz X image engine need some modification on its setting, since I’m using previous Sony camera embedded with Bionz image engine, the black part in the photo not be to black that produce by the Bionz X image engine. I have used the… Read more »

Beyond Veggie by Secret Recipe, Nexus, Bangsar South

  When you came to this Beyond Veggie Restaurant you can imagine the world without a meat, Nooo MEATTTT….no Meat at all. Ohh..No..all only vegetable made food event the satay look like a meat at the stick, but its not a meat, its made from eggplant… hahaha…so creative. I have ordered some fried rice with… Read more »

Sony Store KLCC – PS4 New Faceplate

  Stop at Sony Store KLCC is a must for me to visit, the store is very good to take photo inside which I’m a Sony fanatics, the store giving such a good privilege for me to take all their gadget inside the store. This time I will look to the new faceplate of Sony Playstation… Read more »

Suria KLCC Xmas Deco 2015

  Not so much this year 2015, Suria KLCC has made a candy and gingerbread to be their Xmas 2015 deco, conjunction with SK-II promotion at the Centre Court. The giant candy around the xmas decoration made the kids love with their creation. Huge lollipop seem looks so tasty to me, hope get one to… Read more »

Panasonic Nano Facial Steamer

  Since I already take care of my face skin, why not I invest a few gadget for a good reason to get the maximum protection from blackhead and whitehead. This Panasonic Nano Facial Steamer price   is at RM 529 retail, but luckily I always keep browsing the internet for a best price, I… Read more »

Bodyshop Limited Gift – Plum Limited Edition Box

  Once again the plum edition come with other option. This time it’s come with the plum type tin box with some of the small edition bottle. It’s consist of body gel, lotion, scrub and body butter. This small travel edition is easy for me for the used in travel on training. The tin box… Read more »

Texas Chicken at Jaya Shopping Centre

  The end of december come and all people is waiting for the xmas, the Texas Chicken also made new theme food for the visitor to their restaurant. The Chicken burger named “Tex Supreme”, take place in my new meal for the day. Luckily being sponsored by my officemate during the dinner time. We left… Read more »

Sunway Pyramid Aeon Jusco Xmas Deco 2015

  From above this mall seem being in the sea, which all the xmas tree look like a tree in a sea, the Atlantis theme once again take place in the AEON mall in Sunway Pyramid which located on the south wing of the mall. A few of the glamourous store from cosmetics and skin… Read more »