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Star Wars by Selangor Royal Pewter

  Get the most premium merchandise from Selangor Pewter including of Star Wars characters, mugs, button, and so on. All the merchandise made by pewter, totally pewter and its cost very expensive. The price starting from RM 300 and above which I can see the most pewter character price at RM 3,800 (the biggest monster)…. Read more »

Star Wars Merchandise at Mid Valley Megamall

  Since the exhibition of Star Wars at Mid Valley still on until 29th November 2015, the participating companies like Toy “R”Us doing their promotion on merchandise that will be buy by the customer. The merchandise including of travel mug aka tumblr, t-shirts, toys, bag, stationery, kids toys, miniature and so on. Some of the… Read more »

Star Wars X-Wing Star Fighter Space Ship

  For the 1st ever the Star Wars getting generous about promoting their new movie to the public in Malaysia. Now come with the largest X-Wing Star Fighter Space Ship at the middle of the Mid Valley Megamall. Open to the public from 20th to 29th November 2015 exclusively with collaboration partner including of Selangor… Read more »

Chicken Bukhara & Nans

  Syed Bistro at jalan Barat, Petaling Jaya the only one that selling the best Chicken Bukhara in Malaysia. This Chicken Bukhara price at RM 13.50 per plate inclusive of bukhara briyani rice mixed with spice and chicken. The side food including of curry boil eggs and fruit acar. The beverage of fruit juice come… Read more »

Jaya Shopping Centre Xmas Deco 2015

  The Xmas come again at Jaya Shopping Centre at Section 14, Petaling Jaya. This year theme come with the largest toys on the stage and other place in the mall. Along with this celebration, the mall come with free popcorn to the kids, bring along your kids to get this free popcorn. They also… Read more »

A&W Chick 2 Chick Combo

  A7W once again come with the new combo called Chick 2 Chick which the food only for the diet programme, the food consist of food salad, Chicken wraps and fried chicken including with the famous root beer with a big float on top. Price at below RM 20 at any A&W around Malaysia. Good… Read more »

Starbucks Mini Goody Bag

  Get this mini goody bag when you top up RM 150 to your Starbucks card. The bag title “Make Everything Bright” which its consider to the next celebration of Xmas 2015. Feel free to drink the new beverage for the season coming in december.

Upgrading Lenovo Flex 2

  Upgrading an Ultrabook not be an easy way, nowadays lots of ultrabook manufacturer including Lenovo have change their ultrabook casing to be less open, for sure lots of screw can be open, but there so many lock of plastics clamp other plastic below the ultrabook, there are very soft and need attention to be… Read more »

Transcend 256GB SSD Drive

  Solid State Drive (SSD) is the fastest ever data storage in the world that have a speed of maximum storage processing that can be compared to normal HDD in a PC and others. SSD made by the technology of memory storage ability to stay longer with maximum performance that less than 10 seconds for… Read more »

Choco Loco Bingsu (Snowman) at Caffebene

  The limited edition bingsu came again at Caffebene with this Choco Loco Bingsu showing the snowman inside the big cup. Consist of Vanilla Gelato on the top with 2 piece of Caffebene Chocolate as the snowman ear, surrounded with small cube of chocolate brownies. The price remain the same at RM 13.50 per single… Read more »

Lenovo U41-70 Core i7 5550U

  There are very extreme when a ultrabook have a power of a PC. This Lenovo U41-70 model equip with higher spec of Intel Core i7 5550U, 5th generation of Core i7 including with 8GB DDR3 at 1600, 250GB SSD from Transcend, Full HD display, Nvidia GeForce 920 GPU with 2GB of VRAM, very lightweight… Read more »

WD My Passport Ultra 1TB & 2TB External HDD

  Bad thing about DSLR is the photo taken at 24.3MPixel always need big space to store photos, each of the photos consist more than 3MB per photo, sometimes hundred of photos can reach more GB in storage, mainly have many places, many moment to shoots, so big storage need to be prepared to store… Read more »

Beryl’s Tiramisu & Dragees

  There are lots of chocolate at the market out there, mostly they came in tin, bar and so on, but this Beryl’s Chocolate came in the premium box and jar. I’m so very very likely on the Chocolate Tiramisu which the price at RM 20 per box and the color of the Dragees chocolate… Read more »

Skinlite Face Mask

  I have buy 4 types of Skinlite mask for my face after a certain time which the skin look dull and not very healthy. Skinlite has offer for skin softening & relaxing, Ultra hydration + Soothing, Firming & protecting Moisture Barrier and  Skin Radiance & Brightening. All face mask price at RM 2.50 each… Read more »

Sasatinnie Pore Expert Face Wash

  This Pore Expert Cleansing Massage Foam provides an auto foaming system, which foam occur automatically from gel through application. Micro bubble with purifying complex will leave skin thoroughly cleansed, refreshed and soothed.

Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf, Mitsui, KLIA

  No Starbucks at Mitsui Outlets and only available is Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf Cafe Store, long time not visit this coffee shop and seem the ice blended also have change a lots. The price already increase in the time being which depend on the market flow, same to other cafe like Starbucks keeping… Read more »

Mitsui Premium Outlets Park, KLIA, Sepang

  After the family day finish at 2.00pm at Hotel Sri Malaysia, I have return to home with my officemate, but in the middle of the journey we decided to visit the new outlets nearby KLIA airports which the outlets kinda same like Johor Premium Outlet in Johor (JPO). This outlets is called as Mitsui… Read more »

Hotel Sri Malaysia, Bagan Lalang, Sepang

  In the early of November 7, my organisation has made a family day at Hotel Sri Malaysia near Sepang, its took 1 hours from Petaling Jaya to Sepang, nearby hotel is Awani Luxury Resort which the hotel is above the sea level, so good and might be expensive. The event start with the team… Read more »

PS4 Destiny – The Taken King Legendary Edition

  Once again the Destiny come with the new expansion pack called ‘ The Taken King’. The legendary edition come with the old destiny 1st edition including of the new expansion pack with early access to the new weapons pack. The blue ray also includes of the expansion I and II – the dark below… Read more »

SK-II Starter for Men

  Getting this SK-II Men for free at AEON Jusco Mid Valley for the limited redemption at the counter, selected user is given during this promotion period. The box consist of Facial Treatment Essence 75ml, Cleanser and 2 moisturiser (at the price of RM 229 for the starter pack). The 75ml Essence can be last… Read more »

Okay Set!, Weekday Sets at Sepiring Mid Valley

  Once again meet the sangatsedap food, here for dinner with my housemate… decided to take the Yellow Curry Rice and the Hainan Chicken Rice for sure. Since this package under the “Okay Set!, Weekday Sets” is very good to easy going menu at all. The ala carte also can be ordered from the book… Read more »

Sepiring Gift Voucher Giveaway

  Thank you very much to Sepiring Malaysia for the Gift Voucher. Seem the restaurant has deliver a very good Malaysian food ever, has been honoured to receive this prestigious voucher to be spent at Sepiring at any outlets in Klang Valley. From the 1st visit and the 2nd visit in a few week… Read more »

Cure – Natural Aqua Gel

  Cure – Natural Aqua Gel is the number 1 skin peeling product in Japan. This gel is totally made using water and need to be used twice a week to have a clean and clear skin. As the cleanser used to cleanse the skin face but not 100% the dead skin has been remove,… Read more »

Superb Diwali Kolam… Celebration is near

  Very huge and very colorful design of Diwali Kolam at Mid Valley Megamall, Kuala Lumpur. The design is about 50 metre long and 15 metre wide with the fascinating borders and pillars for the celebration of Diwali in Malaysia on 10 November 2015. The colorful rice is use to design the kolam, the need… Read more »

Starbucks Reserve Re-Visit

  Going to Mid Valley to redeem the free Sk-II Men set at the counter for free, which the Aeon Jusco have a biggest Sk-II in October 2015 at the Centre Court of Mid Valley, every purchase of RM 350 will getting the free voucher of RM 50 in the promotion period and can be used… Read more »

Starbucks Moon Cake – Chewy Nutty Cranberry

  So hard to pronounce the name of this moon cake from Starbucks – Chewy Nutty Cranberry that consist of nuts and cereals form factor, no egg yolk inside this moon cake, full of berries and being hard to eat, mostly nuts inside. Come to the box as the special item with the Durian Moon… Read more »

Fossil Travel Watch for Men

  Fossil one of the most premium watch for the mainstream user, the design made by the pristine handcraft of the fashion design. The watch look so big on asian hand but the satisfaction wearing the watch is an honour. Price hikes up to neither RM 700+ and more nor less depend on the craftsmanship… Read more »

Paul Coconut Patisserie

  Love this Paul Coconut Patisserie buy by my housemate at Singapore Terminal, the coconut flavour so nice and not too sweet. The taste of coconut inside my mouth seem very delightful. Even only have a slice of the cake, the experience to have a special taste from Singapore was an honour. Very likely so… Read more »

Starbucks Singapore Tumbler

  Something good when somebody gift a present from overseas, this Starbucks Singapore Tumbler came from my friends when he visit Singapore last week for a short vacation. The tumbler show the photos of lion and a man statue and have 2 colors in orange and maroon color. The store have wraps both tumbler using the… Read more »

Midori Soothing & Mask Shampoo

  Have a sensitive head skin, too much dandruff and very itchy, this Midori Soothing and Mask Shampoo is the solution. Even the price hikes RM 100+ both shampoo, the result seem very good on my head and feel so cool, my hair seem shining and wet. This shampoo consist various of herb, the smell… Read more »

Starbucks Green Tea Moon Cake

  Moon cake is the Chinese traditional food that have only on the month of August, mostly for the ghost celebration, if not wronglah… The cakes is very likely same as the Moon on 15 days every month, big moon. As I know the moon cake not very cheap, as usual the price can be… Read more »

TP-Link AC2600 AC Router Mu-Mimo

  Super fast router with 1.4Ghz dual core processor processing unit including 5Ghz of AC signal up to 1733Mbps and 2.4Ghz Signal at 800MBps, powered by 802.11AC,b,g,c,n specification signal. This router built in Mu-MIMO technology to boost up signal up to 20 devices simultaneously. The actual price is at RM 799 at Compuzone Digital Mall… Read more »

Starbucks Smoke Chicken Puff with Mushroom

  What the scary beverage for the Halloween day, the Vanilla flavor inside the cup make may day, along with the Smoke Chicken Puff look so tempting. So often to Starbucks store near Jaya Shopping Centre at Section 14 PJ, if I have something to buy at Digital Mall nearby, a mall that selling computer,… Read more »

SK-II Starter Pack For Beginner

  No more secret about SK-II when some of my friends show their interest to have some, so very delightful to have some talk which they need to be consult, taken a new thing as SK-II Pitera Essence was a good beginning to prevent aging to the skin, mostly to the face. As a begineer,… Read more »

The Starbucks Reserve Store – One and Only

  After the renovation of old store at Mid Valley The Gardens Mall, this store became a “Reserve” for a premium store that serve a premium Starbucks Limited Edition Coffee brewing. The store now have the old school type of coffee brewing machine, which consumer can experience the original taste to coffee brewing. This store… Read more »

Starbucks Mooncake – Apricot Caramel Latte

  What a delicious mooncake that made from apricot with caramel latte, the big eggs yolk doesn’t seem taste like eggs but the flavor of apricot really make my day. This most expensive moon cake made by Starbucks when you top up RM 200, you can get this for free including of fashionable bag which… Read more »

Tandoori Chicken, So Huge Size….

  Syed Bistro again…oh my…this restaurant that have the delicious Tandoori Chicken with Naan. But this time not the same chicken, but Huge size served by the waiter. They said I have come many times to their restaurant and they served me with this huge size of Tandoori, very juicy creamy spices taste, actually… Read more »

High Contrast Black & White

  This photo is taken by the Sony A6000 using the lens kits of SEL1855 (from the lens of Sony NEX F3), setting at Auto+ with some effect of High Contrast Black & White setting to test the capability of the new Bionz-X processor inside. The True-black dark across the photo show the capability of… Read more »

Augmented Reality Book

  Sometimes reading a children book seem very boring, rather than use of iPad application instead reading a paper book also not to good, which need to be pay over the application on the store. Why not, trying something difference to have fun with children. The technique using technology called augmented reality not very popular,… Read more »

Tossed, So Good Taste..

  Its not easy to find a store that serving a best beef bolognese, sometimes they can be to sour or to sweet, the ingredients must be in the range to result good appetite for the consumer. This is my 1st time visit to Tossed Restaurant at Jaya Shooping Mall, located at level 4th nearby… Read more »