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TP-Link AC1900 Dual Band Adapter

  Unifi now introduce new package to the public for the higher speed internet with the same price subscription. So I have upgrade from plan VIP5 to VIP10 with discount, then later they upgrade to Unifi Advance 30Mbps for free at the payment permonth as VIP10 service plan. Unlucky my PC adapter only support 802.11b… Read more »

Dominos Pizza Kemaman, Terengganu

  In Front of my hotel at Kemaman have a Dominos Pizza, since me and my friends arrive at 7.30 pm, after pray we decided to have a dinner at the pizza place. Long time ago not eat this type of pizza rather than Pizza Hut itself. The restaurant seem doing something different which no… Read more »

Kemaman, Terengganu

  At last I have been here for so long not come since 2011, Its takes 5 hours driving to this state of Terengganu. Border with Pahang near Kuantan Town, Kemaman is the other place for the Oil and Gas for Malaysian Industri. This state situated at the east of the peninsular Malaysia. The town… Read more »

A&W New Restaurant, Jalan Timur

  This is the new A&W Restaurant nearby the old store at Jalan Timur to Amcorp Mall. Thsi storeis integrated with the swimming centre and others as gym. The modern design of orange and brown color made the restaurant very classy for their signature product as a root beer and its conny dogs. By the… Read more »

Goosebumps by UCSI & Sony Pictures

  Goosebumps mainly tell about scary creature and horror, compilation of all scary characters is embedded into a single movie, the student from UCSI has made a model for the movies using the pastel. On the photo taken there are the characters has been made by them. The story is about a teenager teams up with… Read more »

Starbucks Curry Chicken Puff

  Chill out with my cousin sometimes feel so hungry, look at the food glass cabinet at Starbucks store seem wanna eat all the foods inside it, but when you see the price, the mood kinda down for a while and the decided only one decision to buy the best ever food to eat. The… Read more »

Lets Shooting a Unboxing

  Some of the people like to unboxing something like gadget, cosmetic, goods and so on. They need some of the equipment to be used to get the best shoot of the unboxing process. Since I don’t have many accessories to use to capture the unboxing process, I just using a small and larger tripod… Read more »

REMAX LED Folding Eye Lamp

  Imagine that you can save your money on electric usage every night using this desktop lamp, built in battery at 500mAh that can be long lasting more than 12 hours, so good bargain, which its sell at the price of RM 59 at Digital Mall and Low Yat Plaza.This type of small LED have… Read more »

KLPF 2015 Last Day Event

  The last day of the event seem not very crowded with the visitor, so  I try to go around along all the booth to takes photo, a model from Sony still doing the demonstration of their product, others company still screaming to the visitor for a discount and the training from the presenter is… Read more »

Rasa Utara, Lagenda Chicken

  Longtime ago not visit this restaurant, I know there a lots of malaysian food  out there to be eat, but this restaurant need to be ready because the Chicken Lagenda taste so hot with spicy thing. Since the promoter offer a good deal, so I and my housemate choose the hot and spicy thing… Read more »

PS4 Tearaway Unfolded 2015

  Yeahh, at last this Tearaway came into PS4 after this game was used in the 1st season on PS Vita last 2 years. This paper craft game is very interactive games from the founder of LittleBigPlanet 1, 2 and 3 and PS Vita version, very the out of box game, where the adventure fighting… Read more »

Kuala Lumpur Photography Festival 2015

  This year in October 2015 held again the Kuala Lumpur Photography Festival 2015, the exhibition includes of camera sales, camera accessories, photography training and business collaboration. The event takes place on 9th to 11th of October at Mid Valley Exhibition Centre. Many of photographers gather in this event to share their experience in photography…. Read more »

Magnum Ice Cream, Mid Valley

  Once again visit this Premium Ice Cream Shop with housemate, the price still remain the same, before and after GST implementation and effect of MYR drop of its value, the store still full with people to have a time with the best ice cream ever. The handcraft made of ice cream is not always… Read more »

SK-II Festive Edition Sale Day 2

  Once again went to the SK-II booth to buy more SK-II product for other peoples that interested to the power of the essence, since I try to convince people with the advantage of the cosmetic through consultation and video at Youtube, they are more likely to have an actual person that need to be… Read more »

SK-II Festive Edition 2015 – Set of Color, Iconic & More

  The promotion came again this year with more discount and free gift. The photo show the SK-II product at a price of RM 2500+ before discount and become RM 1420 after discount. The set including the Iconic Set at RM 620, Colour Set at RM 187 each with free Cosmetic and Travel Bag. Free… Read more »

SK-II Festive Edition World 2015 #changedestiny

  Award winning cosmetic I ever have, SK-II once again with new design of their booth at Mid Valley Mega mall for the Festive Edition 2015 promotion. The event held from 5th October 2015 to 11th October 2015. Lots of discount given by the SK-II including lots of free gift including key-chain, sample, flower and… Read more »

Sepiring – Rhapsody Rice

  Sepiring or in English is a Plate is the named of the open restaurant at Mid Valley Megamall, they serve traditional Malay Baba Nyonya food to the consumer at Level 1 South Court at Mid Valley Megamall. I love the coconut milk porridge they produce with the rice named Rhapsody – Like a music… Read more »

Starbucks Moon Cakes for Free

  Wanna Starbucks Moon Cake for Free, right then, I will tell you how to get it with a little sacrifice of your money…hahaha.. Just top up your Starbucks Card with RM 200, you be able to redeem free moon cake free including the bag, box and a free Starbucks Ice Cream Affogato voucher for… Read more »

Testing Lens with New Firmware

  Take advantages of Sony lens was great, the advanced technology of lenses can be upgraded by software through Sony Support page, mainly the old lenses need to be update their firmware which new camera have new features including 4D focus and continuous focus. The process is more easier with instruction step by step by… Read more »

Duo Cocoa Mocha by Starbucks

  Yeahh… at last got new flavor from Starbucks with New Duo Cocoa Mocha and its come with chocolate whipped cream on top, price at RM 17 for grande and venti for RM 18, combination from mocha and cocoa flavor seem look so cool. Then I need only one pump of vanilla syrup since I… Read more »

Syed Bistro Tandoori Chicken with Nan

  Mamak food is the most famous food in the town city like Kuala Lumpur and in other states of Malaysia. They serving of some Indian + Pakistani + Arabian food across their variety of food in the store. The main course is the Nasi Bukhary which its contain of Bukhary Rice with chicken, sauce,… Read more »

Keihl’s Cosmetics Ultra Facial

  The Ultra Facial Oil Free daily regimen — featuring a cleanser, toner and moisturizer — works to visibly reduce oil on skin, without stripping skin of essential moisture and without the use of mattifying powders that typical oil-free moisturizers have. Kiehl’s Ultra Facial Oil-Free collection actually seals in the needed moisture for shine-free, fresh… Read more »

ZARA Men Perfume Twin Pack

  The new out coming perfume from ZARA with twin pack of perfume flavor. The 1st Balfour is Silver and the 2nd is Uomo. The price is unknown to be but this kind of perfume buy by one of my friends is tempting of is men smell flavor. Come in Black and red box and… Read more »

Sony E-Mount Camera Series

  Since I owned the new A6000 along with my other collection of Sony Alpha and NEX Camera I can feel some of the differences between the performance between the camera setting and usage. The resolution not being the problem, any camera start at 10.2 MP consider as high end DSLR or DSLT. The main… Read more »

The New Sony Alpha A6000 Silver with SELP1650 Lens

  Maybe I’m too lucky everytime I go somewhere in my country, I feel so good and thanks many many to God for the chance to be lucky. In the next after Bingsu day, next a few day after, I went to Digital Mall so observe something that will be happen at the exhibition on… Read more »

Midnight Bingsu at Caffeebene

  Its already late night last week with my cousin at Jaya Shopping Centre to find a battery numbered of 1620, size of calculator battery, luckily found at nearest watch shop inside the mall, price hikes at RM 10 per battery, Ok nevermind as long I get the battery for the iHealth Align device. Then… Read more »

Malaysian IT, Mobile Fair & Electronic Expo

  For the 3rd times the Exhibition of IT and mobile take place in Mid Valley MVEC, the event mainly concentrate to laptop, storage and mobile devices rather than PC and Mac. Computer Accessories take place in the exhibition such selling powerbank, cable, thumbdrive, external HDD and so on. The option for consumer is to… Read more »

MPH Bookerville Fair, Mid Valley

  From 30th September 2015 to 4 October 2015 was held an event at South Court Mid Valley Mega Mall by MPH Bookstore. The theme for the fair is Bookerville that shows of various coloring book to the consumer. The book started at RM 40 and above can be buy at this fair. Example of… Read more »

KLIA Express from KL Sentral to KLIA

  Once again ride on the KLIA Express from KL Sentral to KLIA for the arrival of the Hajj peoples that return form Mecca. Me sponsored by my cousin luckily ride on the KLIA Express for free. This is my 3rd time ride on the most expensive train ride across Malaysia, which they most advance… Read more »

Manhattan Fish Market

  Love seafood? just go to Manhattan Fish Market for a seafood salad platter. yummy squid, mushroom and salad was freshly taste, yummy RM 25 dishes of seafood platter in front of the table make me so tempting to taste it with the sauce and the lighting which peoples outside of the restaurant can see… Read more »

Chicken Chop Full HD, Segamat funny when at my hometown we have the Chicken Chop named Chicken Chop Full HD, why full HD? the answer is the price of the Chicken chop at RM 10.80, so then is named as full HD Chicken. The taste look normal but the main thing is not the food but the surrounding… Read more »

Segamat Town Centre, Johor

  The town center at night be good to visit at the shopping center at my hometown, bring family to buy home stuff including kitchen goods and so on. My mum mostly like to buy something for the family like raw meats, vegetable and the seafood. The next day will be the best cause mum… Read more »

Starbucks Caramel Latte & Chicken Bun

  Chill out with my cousin at Starbucks Jaya was good, seem my cousin have a lots of problem with his work, he always positive to talk about the problem and try to solve it by drinking the coffee/ latte. Starbucks that day offer a limited edition beverage as Caramel Latte and I would like… Read more »

Vivo at Segamat, Johor

  Thank god to my sister that she got increment for her salary as an IT Programmer at one of the profit bank in Malaysia, Bank Rakyat. So she spend lots for a day with my mum and father at our hometown in Segamat, Johor. Sister celebrate at Vivo Restaurant and we eat some western… Read more »

iHealth Wireless Pulse Oximeter

  Oxygen is human need to live, as we don’t know the usage of oxygen in our body flow in blood is stable or not, this device show the ability to measure the total oxygen flow from the heart to all over the body circular motion during pumping inside the body. Human must have minimum… Read more »

iHealth Wireless Activity & Sleep Tracker

  That good when the actual price of this device at RM 200 drop to RM 88 at Lazada online sale, I buy this item at 10 pieces cause lots of interested people at the office show their interest about activity health gear. This tracker can be use as watch or at your waist (as… Read more »

Bodyshop Tea Tree & Drop of Youth

  Awesome organic thing from Bodyshop again become my inspiration to skin care product, this shows the both tea tree and drop of youth power to protect, maintain, repair the skin. The ingredients used seem make skin look so fresh at night and early morning. Even the price sem so high for skincare product the… Read more »

Ah Cheng Laksa, Amcorp Mall

  Every week but not often walk pass the restaurant at Amcorp Mall is Ah Cheng Laksa, luckily I would like to try the what people say the best laksa in Kuala Lumpur even they show the artical in the newspaper at their shop. So I decided to take an order including of free drinks,… Read more »

South Bus Terminal, Malaysia

  When a bus terminal located at the centre of Kuala Lumpur have been move to nearby strategic location near Sungai Besi, the large bus terminal ever built in Malaysia. The best ever bus terminal look like an airport like KLIA and KLIA, integrated ERL train, Komuter and LRT station nearby make people around Kuala… Read more »

The Gardens Restaurant

  Free time spend by my housemate at the Gardens Restaurant, located at the junction between The Mid Valley Megamall and The Gardens Mall. The restaurant theme look like in the garden of festive wedding, mostly white and too English. The food is moderate not too good or too bad, and likely to be served… Read more »

Paper Craft Puncher Just Nice

  Do you know each of the craft puncher price at RM 5.30 per item, so cheap. This kind of stationary if sell in the bookshop or other bookstore can reach up to RM 40 per item, depend on the pattern on the puncher. Seem Daiso have provide this kind of cheap puncher its never… Read more »

Madden Ice Skate at Sunway Pyramid

  Long time not updating this website caused by the holiday for Raya Haji last week. By then this photo taken at Sunway Pyramid Ice Skate Centre that showing a tournament, not big, just friendly match between 2 teams. The sport seem need lots of protection due to the hockey instruments that can hurt somebody.