Monthly Archives: September 20, 2015

Moon Cake Festival

  When the autumn come in September there will also come the Moon Cake Festival everywhere in Kuala Lumpur, many hotels participate to produce a quality moon cake for the consumer and luckily nowadays many of the moon cake are “halal” to eat. But in some situation the price will be the main thing to… Read more »

Manhattan Fish Market 2

  Plenty of discount on this food for my sister and cousin at Manhattan Fish Market Mid Valley Mega-mall, the store seem to dark with less light and we need to move some place inside the store to get the light to eat, the store suppose have enough light to serve people, the good is… Read more »

Pandan Nasi Lemak

  What? A green rice serving on my table that called the food name as Pandan Nasi Lemak, serve with aromatic spice chicken and the vegetables. The beverage from Dragon fruit extract and no sugar at all, so good and originally served. Price at RM 15.90 for the Pandan Nasi Lemak and RM 10+ for… Read more »

NU Sentral, Kuala Lumpur

  This mall already age a years of its development and business running, seem not all the store is open for business since the ringgit drop against other currency in the market. But still I can see people moving around the mall for an activities in the weekend, which they prefer to enjoy inside a… Read more »

Godiva Dark Chocolixir

  Chocolate, mostly Dark Chocolate was my favorite after all, so then try some at the GoDiva Premium Chocolate Store at NU Sentral, Kuala Lumpur. At a price of RM 23 per cup ice blended Dark Chocolixir was so mesmerizing, the deep taste of true Dark Chocolate can be describe be a good, the satisfaction… Read more »

The Greatest Hits – Manhattan Fish Market

  Promotion from Manhattan Fish Market for lunch and dinner treats at a bargain price with discount, you can select from 1 pax to 4 paxs of food during this promotion, huge discount given mostly cut more than RM 15. Serve from fish bakes, spaghetti, ocean thing and drinks. I love the sweet Alabama…..nut in… Read more »

Pearson Outstanding Learner Awards

  I was invited by the UK Education Council to the Pearson Outstanding Learner Award on Saturday 5th, September 2015. Its takes place at Le Meridien KL Sentral Hotel. The event celebrate the achievement of the UK education learner in Malaysia mostly using the UK Framework for higher learning and so on. All participates school,… Read more »

Malayan Tiger Campaign

  Mid Valley Megamall and WWF again collaborate to the animal campaign to save the Malayan Tiger which the one of the threatened animal in Malaysia. The theme made from recycle paper box along the Mall 3rd Floor. They also preview others animal in the campaign including snakes, monkeys and so on.

Haagen Dazs Mid Valley

  One scoop not enough at RM 11.90 but at 3 scoops the price at RM 25 with 4 toppings was awesome, since my cousin make my day, lets having an ice cream at Haagen Dazs Cafe at Mid Valley Megamall. The belgian chocolate melting in my mouth so delicious and creamy, the taste of… Read more »

15 Years Nokia 3310 Anniversary

  Nokia 3310 was the best hand-phone ever made by Nokia, not bulky but the innovation of telecommunication with display of black and white made the day, development of this phone on year 2000 being a mother of all smartphones today. Less apps to million of apps help peoples to connect each other, generation from… Read more »